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If there is one area inside the house that receives the most beating from every day’s traffic and wear and tear, that would be the flooring. The right flooring will not just improve the functionality of the home, but will also improve the aesthetic appeal of the home’s interior design. When it comes to home flooring, one of the most popular choices of flooring today is the luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is not just durable enough to withstand the traffic in your home, but will also transform your place into a breathtaking piece of art. If you aren’t convinced enough, then these 12 things about luxury vinyl tile flooring will surely do.

The Master Imitator
The luxury vinyl tile flooring is like a chameleon; it can imitate the look and feel of almost any flooring materials such as the wood, ceramic, natural stone, and others but at a lower cost.

Wide array of choices
Apart from its ability to imitate other flooring materials, luxury vinyl tile flooring also offers a wide range of pattern, color, and designs that will surely match any home interior design.

Cost-efficient installation
Apart from that, installing luxury vinyl tile is not as labor-intensive as its contenders; thus, making its installation cost lower. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance too. It only needs a little mopping or sweeping and your floor is back to its shiny appearance.

The good thing about luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it is compatible with heated flooring and it is thick enough to provide a cushion.

Except on the seams, everything about luxury vinyl tile is waterproof. This makes it a perfect option for those who want to install affordable tiles in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Any liquid that might get spilled on your luxury vinyl tile flooring will not be able to penetrate the tile’s materials, and so, it won’t be able to stain it.

Despite its affordability, luxury vinyl tile is durable enough to last for a long period of time. It can handle a lot of traffic and stains.

Unlike other tile flooring materials, luxury vinyl tile can be installed in any area of the house. Because it is water resistant, there is no need to worry when installing it in your bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom.

Luxury vinyl tile is probably the only luxury in life that is affordable. If you want to get the look and feel of a natural hardwood in a less expensive way, then luxury vinyl tile is the option for you.

Maintains its elegant look
Another advantage of choosing luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it can withstand a huge amount of foot traffic without causing any slight dent on the tile. Thus, your luxury tile flooring will still look as good as the time it is installed.

Easy installation
Unlike other flooring materials, it is so easy to install a luxury vinyl tile; no need to glue or fasten it in a subflooring surface. It even comes in planks with different length and width to choose from.

Easy to find
Because of its increasing popularity, you can find luxury vinyl tiles in almost any flooring stores and showrooms.