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If you are planning to give your home a floor renovation, then take note of these 5 common floor renovation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Buying cheap materials
Being a smart homeowner sometimes makes us look for ways to save on our home renovation costs. However, do not make the mistake of buying cheap materials just to save money when planning for a floor renovation. Remember, your floor is an important investment. It can greatly affect your home’s value. Buying cheap materials may save you on your renovation cost today, but you might also end up with substandard materials that get damaged easily; and need to be replaced after a couple of years.

Improper measurements
Improper measurement is probably the most common and frustrating mistake that you need to avoid when planning for a room renovation. Make sure to measure everything twice — that is the rule of the thumb, especially for custom made products. For flooring, it is recommended to order 10% more than the total area that you measured. This way, if something goes wrong, or you mis-measured and you need extra, then you already have one at hand.

Going DIY
Another mistake that rooted from our desire to cut cost in our floor renovation. Sometimes, just because we want to save money that we will do the renovation by ourselves; thinking that the DIY tutorials found at YouTube are enough to keep us going. This is a very big mistake since floor installation and other processes involved need professional experience. Calling professional floor contractors will save you from making mistakes that are more expensive to fix.

Unrealistic Timelines
It is a fact; floor renovation will take time. Floor installation contractors aren’t magicians that can finish their projects in just a flick of their fingers. Excellent results are not rushed. It requires proper planning, enough time, and contractors that are not rushed in order for them to do the correct work. When talking to your contractors about the project, set timelines that are favorable to both of you. If possible, give your floor installers some extension just in case an unexpected situation arises.

Choosing the wrong flooring materials
When it comes to home renovations, you don’t just choose anything that is popular at the moment. When choosing flooring materials, you have to put into consideration the whole structure of your home. While it is important to give priority to the quality of the materials, you also have to make sure that it improves your home’s functionality and matches its architectural design.

Finally, to avoid making mistakes in your floor renovation project, contact an expert to do the work. Floor installation contractors can also give you suggestions on which flooring material suits in each room of your house.