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There are many homeowners that are looking to renovate their bathrooms because they feel as if their bathrooms are old and outdated. Furthermore, they may want to renovate the bathroom because the fixtures are leaky, or they are not working like they are supposed to. For many of these people they are hesitant to have their bathroom remodeled because they are unsure about how long it will take to renovate. Many of these homeowners do not want to be without bathroom facilities for an extended amount of time. If the renovation is done the correct way then it will be nothing more than a temporary inconvenience than a frustrating endeavor. The time frame for the renovation will depend on the size of the area that is to be renovated as well as the extent of the renovation.

Half Bath Renovation
Many people utilize unused space in their home by having a half bath. Most half bathrooms are on the ground level of a home, but they can be located in a basement or top level. For many people this type of bathroom is not their primary bathroom so they are not worried about having the renovation completed quickly. Fortunately, the space in a half bathroom is pretty limited so it makes the renovation go more quickly.

A good contractor can remove all of the fixtures and cabinets out of a half bath, since it does not include a bathtub, and replace them all in under a week’s time. This is music to the ears of those homeowners that do not want a contractor in their home for an extended period of time.

Full Bath Renovation
A full bath renovation can take more time than a half bath renovation because there is usually a bath tub involved. This means that there is added plumbing that needs to be replaced, updated, or repositioned in order to complete the job. The working area of a full bath is larger which means that more materials, and man hours may be needed in order to complete the job. The upside of this is that more workers can fit in the area to get it renovated. A good contractor, and team, can typically have a full bathroom renovated in as little as a week. However, if it is a single contractor with no team working on a full bath then the job may take up to a month depending on his availability. It is always good to ask a contractor for references if they are planning to do the job solo instead of having a crew so that a homeowner can determine the time frame in which the job will be completed.

Although it may be a mild inconvenience for a person to have their bathroom renovated, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Enjoying a state of the art bathroom complete with new fixtures and appliances is a very nice experience that many homeowners enjoy whether it is a full bath or a half bath.

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