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allergiesA dirty, dingy and smelly carpet are clear signs it’s time for a flooring change. But long before the visual signs of an aging carpet are apparent, problems are lurking in the fibers. Each strand is constantly bombarded with dirt and dust from shoes, pets, kids, and the residues of outdoors that can’t be prevented. Regular vacuuming and cleaning do not remove all the contaminants.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, indoor allergies affect around 50 million Americans. Symptoms include sneezing, watery or itchy eyes, scratchy throat, wheezing, eczema or skin rash. Common assailants for these are dust, mold and animal dander. Some severe cases can lead to life threatening situations such as serious asthma attacks, obstructing your breathing. Most often though, the effects of allergies are more inconvenient, causing the uncomfortable and miserable symptoms.

Dust is made up of dirt and skin cells, ringing the dinner bell for dust mites. Not only does the dust provide causes of indoor allergies, but debris left by the dust mites do too. While the dust settles in any location, including furniture, the most common area for dirt and dust mite breeding is a carpet. Carpet, which most likely lines a major portion of your home or business, contaminates the air you and your loved ones or employees breathe with allergens daily.

Anyone that comes in contact with the allergens has the possibility of feeling ill. No one wants their family or friends to feel bad and workers certainly can’t fulfill their duties to the best of their ability when they aren’t feeling one hundred percent.

The only way to fully rid your carpet of these allergens is to rid your house of the carpet. Simply replacing the carpet would take care of the problem for only a short time. Dust would build back up quickly, making the new floor as volatile as the old. There are many other flooring options that don’t hold contaminants within them. Laminate, tile, bamboo and hardwood are common examples of such flooring materials.

The style and material of flooring is a choice that will vary per person. However, hardwood never becomes outdated. It always looks aesthetically pleasing and fashionably elegant. The colors and wood choices are in great multitude, covering all personal preferences or décor motifs. In addition to looking nice, hardwood adds value to a home that remains for a lifetime.

While hardwood flooring can be purchased and installed as a DIY project, it is often installed professionally. This ensures a beautiful end product and years of durability. Some options to look for are in a flooring company are friendly staff, years of experience, free estimates and a wide array of quality flooring options.

Replacing carpet with hardwood flooring will increase the air quality in your home or office making it healthier as the spread of allergens significantly decreases. You are left with style and a floor that will bring beauty and function for a lifetime.