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There are many parts of your home that you want to make sure are designed well and styled properly. For most people, one of the most important rooms is the bathroom because there really is nothing more enjoyable than freshening up in the morning or evening in a bathroom that you love. Below are the latest bathroom design ideas so that you can make the best choice for your space.

Bohemian Black and White
Black and white bathrooms are timeless since they harken back to the crisp, clean, and slightly extravagant style of the 1930’s. Those who implement this bathroom style should look for deep rounded tubs, a unique black and white floor tile design, and rounded panels and mirrors. Accent colors can be gold, silver, and grey.

Floral bathrooms are for those who are looking for an especially feminine or girly type bathroom. The beauty of floral bathrooms is that they can be designed in a way that is elegant and flattering without being too overbearing. For a floral bathroom, you may want to consider a white background and focal points of flowers either as arrangements, towel designs, or even a tile design at some part of the bathroom.

Modern and Sleek
The next up and coming bathroom style is the modern and sleek style. This style incorporates greys, blacks, white, and even some industrial designs to give your bathroom a tough, yet comfortable feel. With a modern bathroom, you’d do well to incorporate a unique chandelier design and glass or industrial accents.

Elegant and Glamourous
If you have a traditional French Louis the Fourteenth style, then you may want to consider walls that are lined with green marble, golden mirrors, and white elegant sinks. White this style may seem extravagant, it actually does do well for people who have bold and regal personalities.

The “Manly” Bathroom
These days, men and women are looking for their separate spaces, even in the home. Just like there is such thing as the “man cave,” there is also what is known as a “manly bathroom.” Man bathrooms have darker and more rustic features and accents that have bold lines. The most popular colors are dark blue, green, grey, black, and white.

The Resort Bathroom
Many people like to take their resort getaway back home with them and the best way to achieve that is by taking the same style of bathroom home. Resort backrooms have very calming styles with simple square sinks, wooden backslashes, and white clear and shiny tile.

The Eco-Friendly “Green” Bathroom
Lastly, with environmental awareness being more important than ever, more homeowners are turning to eco-friendly bathroom styles. These bathrooms use the latest technology and style engineering to turn a bathroom space into something that is completely green and efficient. These types of bathrooms are usually made of recycled materials, safely harvested wood, and so forth. In addition, they do not waste as much water and electricity, thereby improving your consumption and monthly utility statements.

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