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Are you renovating your home? Whether you are renovating because you are bored with how your home looks or you just want to refresh your interior design, it’s important that you put importance on your home flooring. Every year, flooring trends get more creative with different designs and materials. If you are one of those people who want to stay updated, you should consider installing luxury vinyl flooring.

Increasing Demands for Luxury Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Vinyl flooring tiles have become one of the most preferred flooring choices in residential and commercial sectors. The superior qualities of vinyl flooring tiles such as its durability, its heat and scrape resistance, as well as its cost-efficiency are the top reasons for its growing popularity. With economic growth, more and more people now have better access to more work opportunities which means, they might not have the luxury of time to clean or maintain their floors at home. The quality of vinyl flooring tiles being resistant to scratch makes it less of a concern for homeowners, giving them more time to focus on their work. It is also less expensive compared to hardwood and not as hard as stone tiles. Plus, vinyl flooring is easy to maintain which makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who are constantly busy with work.

Different Component Types of Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Vinyl flooring tile components are categorized into two: the Polyvinyl chloride resin and the Plasticizers. Polyvinyl chloride resins are mainly made up of polyvinyl chloride, a material used in thousands of products sold in the market today. Polyvinyl chloride resins are more durable, efficiently fabricated to possess higher strength, yet very low cost. Plasticizers are added to Polyvinyl chloride resin to increase the performance of vinyl flooring tiles. Because of this, vinyl tiles are much preferred to use in commercial buildings such as hospitals and offices.
Indeed, luxury vinyl flooring offers better performance and because of that, it has become the top choice for commercial users all over the world.

Demands of Vinyl Flooring Tiles per Region

The global vinyl flooring tiles market has reached as far as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. It is forecasted that the vinyl flooring tiles market in North America and the neighboring continents like Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America will expand in the following years. The demand for this flooring material in the countries in Asia Pacific will also grow rapidly due to the rapid economic progress in countries like India, China, South Korea, and others.

As the economy continues to boom in many developing countries, more buildings and infrastructure will be developed, and urbanization will keep on growing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the demand for vinyl flooring tiles to rise too.