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The backsplash portion of your kitchen is the tiled area behind your counter. With a backsplash in place, you can prevent your walls from getting damaged by foods and you can also improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. Below are ten great backsplash ideas that you can consider implementing in your kitchen space.

Ceramic Tile
For those are looking for convenience and simplicity, then ceramic tile is the way to go. This material is easy to clean, its smooth, and it is highly versatile in terms of the counter styles that it can be matched with.

Subway Tile
A modern-style kitchen is always complimented by subway tile. These long and textured or smooth tiles give the room an elongated and metropolitan feel.

Glass Tile
Glass tile is one of the newer styles on the market. This type of tile is ideal if you’re looking for a shiner and more glimmer style because it tends to be brighter than most other tiles.

Mosaic Tile
If you have the patience and ability to come up with a mosaic design and you want to make that design the focal point of your kitchen, then mosaic tile is best. Keep in mind that the entire backsplash will be made out of smaller blocks and a lot of grout in between, which means that cleaning and maintenance may be more difficult.

Sealed Wood
While not a very popular option due to the material, wood tiles actually work very well if you have a rustic-looking kitchen and you’d like to maintain a level of warmth in your home. The wooden tiles are great because they can also be sealed so that you don’t need to worry about water damage.

Flat Tile with Accents
Many homeowners will keep a standard style backsplash in their kitchen and switch things up by accenting some portion. If you’re going to go with this style, the best place to accent is the largest block of open backsplash tile that you have – which may just be right above the stove.

Marble is a timeless and classic addition for any home and it can also look great as a backsplash if it is done properly. If you are considering marble, then you may want to be aware that there are certain chemicals to avoid cleaning it with. Otherwise, you may damage and dull the tile.

A Medley of Materials
If you aren’t fully complete about which type of tile you want your backsplash to have, then you may want to just consider a combination of matching materials. This look works if you or someone else can coordinate and put together different pieces.

Penny Tile
Most people are unaware of what penny tile is since it really is an old-time type of style. Penny tile are small, round, and light colored tiles that are kept in place by a lot of grout. This style is most appealing if you’re looking for an endless and very unique kitchen.

A Metal Backsplash
Lastly, for those who want something utterly unique and easy to clean, then metal materials are advisable. With a metal backsplash, you’ll be able to develop a very interesting kitchen style.