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Hardwood care & Maintenance

To keep your hardwood flooring looking good for years to come, follow these simple tips. 

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Keep your hardwood looking beautiful

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous and classic look, but time, traffic, and spills can have a negative effect on the material. To prevent your hardwood from becoming faded, scratched, or dull, you’ll need to come up with a maintenance routine that works for you. We’ve compiled some top tips here to help you get started.

Have the right tools for the job

A high-quality broom will go a long way when working to maintain your hardwood flooring. Simply by sweeping your hardwood floor with regularity, you can help pick up grains of dirt, dust, and other particles. A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar may also prove helpful in cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. We recommend buffing after your cleaning to restore shine and luster to your floors. 


When it comes to stains and spills, you might want to consider a professional hardwood floor cleaning product to safely remove tough stains. This will enable you to rid yourself of the stain without dulling the finish of your floor. We recommend that you reach out to the Custom Floor & Design team for advice on what cleaner is right for your floor. 

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